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Maxwod- Working with Community Outreach Program- Play Out Loud

Maxwod-Working with Play Out  Loud

Where has our physical culture gone? Why do our kids struggle with obesity? How can we rediscover the value of basic movement as it relates to their physical and mental health? These are some of the questions that must be answered so that our children can develop a sense of self and learn how to approach some of life’s most difficult moments! Welcome to Play Out Loud! A unique set of educational programs designed to create a balance between physical fitness, strength of character, discovery and growth.

In addition to being incredible fun and interactive, Play Out Loud programs are designed to bring a holistic approach to life’s broader issues such as leadership and community. Through a series of progressions each activity is specifically geared to any age group and will have a positive impact on your entire community! The big question is how - The magic is in a specifically designed curriculum that incorporates an ancient style of movement - These movements have an incredible effect on people, not only physically, but mentally! However, the movement is just one part of the equation - There are three other parts that round out the philosophy and contribute to the overall positive, life changing effect!







History of




To create a reference to historical Physical Culture as it relates to their own life


Use religion, art and archives to illustrate the history of Physical Culture


Instills a knowledge of and a connection to the past as it relates to Physical Culture




To create an environment that supports a healthy and holistic approach to fitness


Use a set of movements that incorporate the entire body and engage the core


Builds community, raises self-esteem, strengthens core and fosters leadership development


The Chair


To create a metaphorical context for the Physical Culture program. To bring the connection between Play Out Loud and the student’s life into focus.


Frontload Play Out Loud with an interactive discussion of the foundations of a strong, healthy lifestyle. Use the programs of Play Out Loud to illustrate a student’s broader journey


Encourages and enables students to apply Play Out Loud lessons in their home, school and social lives






To create opportunities for students to reach out to and work in related industries


Use learning model to create mentoring and internship programs. Use Play Out Loud certification structure to increase job potential


Gives opportunities for students to mentor other students and professionals. Leads to internships and job placement in related industries i.e. fitness, training, industrial arts


Frontloading and Debriefing

Frontloading - Tell students what you hope to achieve and give them a roadmap to achieving it. Let them know their resources: teachers, their classmates, local fitness professionals, and their parents. Give them an example of the ideal outcome and let them know that you are determined to help them reach it. While many students will start to realize the broader benefits of Physical Culture over time, all students should know that that is the point of the program. “You are here to get better at relating to your community, you are here to raise your self-esteem and push the limits of what you thought you could do.” Some students will feel self-conscious at the idea of physical exertion in front of a group. Great! Have that conversation on day one. Ask, “Why is it uncomfortable to put your self out there?” “Why do most people associate working out with looking good?” “What’s wrong with current notions of physical culture in pop culture?” “Raise your hand if you will be judging others” Let students lay it all on the table before you ask them to overcome their fears. This will give you a valuable resource to reference. “You are holding back! We talked about this! No one is judging you! Give it everything you got!”

Debriefing- Just as important as effective frontloading is effective debriefing. Debriefing is often where the payoff lies. “What did we just find out about ourselves and each other?” or “How did working with your peers make you think about your relationship with them?” These questions are as important as the program itself. This is your opportunity to assist students in contextualizing and integrating the strides they make while participating in Play Out Loud. Debriefing can and should take place as a group, but it can also take place one-on-on. Encourage students to reflect and process what they are hearing, saying, feeling and learning. There is nothing more amazing than hearing “I learned that just because I’m not an athlete, doesn’t mean I can’t excel in here” or “I learned that even though John and I don’t hang out at school, we have a lot in common and work well together.” You want their peers to hear that comment. You want others to feel more comfortable to say and feel something similar in the future. Create the environment for that comment and you will reap its rewards. That’s how Play Out Loud builds community.



The effectiveness of Play Out Loud programs depends on a child’s broader vision of how it can play a role in his or her life. Therefore, it is imperative that community outreach becomes a focus of any Play Out Loud curriculum!





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