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The Business Plan - Part 13: Affiliate Software

We continue the next phase of The Business Plan by moving into operations and management. Today we will discuss Management Software and how it is a key component to the potential success of your business. If you’re on the fence about subscribing for one of the various management and operations software options, and wondering if you really need it, the answer is YES!

Affiliate software solutions like Mindbody, Gym Insight, Front Desk, or Zen Planner, make the process of operating your business simple. Most of the Management Software solutions today are internet based, allowing you to log-in on any computer and access your account. No information is stored on your computer, and the software is maintained and updated regularly by the provider, so there is no back office IT required.

In my experience, our gym management software solution has made the operations of my gyms easy. All the information I need to analyze my business and memberships is available to me at the click of a button. The information allows me to make well thought out business decisions on how to grow my business, along with discovering mistakes and flaws in my operations. I am very passionate about promoting management software, in particular MindBody, which we use for our gyms, as they provide great value. Below I have outlined a few features which will help you with the success of your gym, these are the reports that I use on a daily basis.

  1. Sales & AutoPays - The programs allows you to customize memberships, pre-paid memberships, class packages, seminars, retail pro-shop and drinks, and more. Memberships should be set-up as recurring payments, so on specific dates, the program will automatically run monthly membership dues. All of the purchase history and reporting is extremely easy to access. Reports can include sales of specific items or services, declined credit cards, daily close-out reports and much more. One report that allows me to understand the daily operations of the gym without always being there is the daily sales report. Every night I sign in and view the sales report for the day. It allows me to see all the sales from introductory guest passes, class packages, and membership sales to apparel and drinks. Here I can look for any inconsistencies, mistakes or unapproved discounts made by the front desk staff. In addition, I am able to track ongoing sales for the month.
  2. Attendance with Revenue - We have a system at our gyms where everyone who comes to take a class is checked-in, with no exceptions. All new people are sold introductory guess passes. This allows us to track how many new people come through the door, in particular new first visits. By doing this we are able to track our conversion ratio between new people that walk through the door and memberships sold. A dip in conversion can be immediately corrected with access to this information. In addition, if the number of people who walk through the door decreases, this can also easily be addressed. The report provides me with detailed information on who came in, what class they took, what time and who the instructor was. The information will help you understand your class capacities and when to add new classes, as well as performance of instructors.
  3. Contact Logs - The management software allows you to keep logs/notes on members or new prospects. Permissions can be set, so your employees and manager and create notes on members accounts. We use the notes to document new prospects before and after they have taken a class, member complaints and issues, and holds and cancellations. The contact logs allow all of your employees to always be on the same page. We document as much information as possible. A new prospect comes in to take a class, goals are discussed, info documented. The new prospect leaves the gym without purchasing anything, info documented on why the sale wasn't made. Having the proper information makes it that much easier to sell and to do the follow-up calls.
  4. Membership Reports - The membership report gives me a great overview of my business. Here I can see my total number of members, new sign-ups for the month broken down by the membership types, holds, cancellations, memberships expiring and declined credit cards. I can also run commission reports based on my front desk sales.

These are just a few features offered by affiliate software systems that I use on a daily basis. I will say that management software programs allow you to streamline your business and provide essential information that will help you grow your gym. Membership and affiliate software systems are a MUST!


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