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The Business Plan: Part 22 - Promotions & Calls to Action

In today's blog I will continue with operational strategies for your affiliate gym and discuss calls to action, more commonly known as promotions. Most traditional gyms will offer monthly promotions to entice membership sales. Calls to action are not very common amongst gyms, as most owners keep membership rates flat with very little discounting. Today I will show you ways to offer calls to action for your memberships, class packages, or prepaid memberships, without upsetting your current membership base.

Calls to action are a greatly way to increase your sales during slower periods. Below I have listed a few ways to offer calls to action for different products:


  • Instead of discounting your membership rates, offer a one-time promotion. Depending on the month, we will offer a $50 to $100 discount off the new members’ first month. Although the first month is discounted, the remaining auto pays will be consistent with your published rates. There are a few benefits to this:
    • All members will be paying the published rate - no “I’m paying $150, what are you paying,” and no upset members. 
    • When the membership renews after 12 months, it will renew at the published rate, and not a discounted rate.
  • Offer a free t-shirt, water bottle, private lesson, no charge for on-ramp- Offering these will not affect your monthly auto pays.

There are two ways to offer a membership promotion: For a specific amount of time or for a specific number of people. Time would for be the “first two weeks of January”. Number of people would be for the first # of people who sign up (we usually keep that number small, like the first 10 or 20). I prefer number of people vs. time, as it makes people act more quickly and only you know the actual number of people you’re giving the promotion to.

Class Packages

If you offer class packages, you can have a call to action two ways:

  • Offer a discount of 20% off your class packages for a specific period of time.
  • Offer a bonus of 20% more classes. Buy 10 Classes - Get 2 for free

Our goal is to promote our memberships and not class packages - auto pays are guaranteed income month over month, cash packs are not. We offer two class package promotions a year in our slower months like June and November, and they are designed as quick 72-hour flash sales.

Pre-Paid Memberships

  • If you offer calls to action promotions on your memberships, why not offer it on 12 month pre-paid memberships.
  • For shorter term pre-paid memberships I suggest adding more time vs. discounting the price. Buy a 6 month pre-paid membership, get 6.5 or 7 months. Pre-Paid memberships are paid in full, so offer more time vs. a discounted price.

Keep track of your slower months and put a schedule in place to offer calls to action. We promote our calls to actions in three ways.

  •  Email blast several times throughout the promotion to everyone who has come in and taken a class in the last 6 months. Yes, we bomb the inbox with an email almost every other day – and yes, it works. 
  • Anyone who has taken a 1st class within the last month receives a phone call from our front desk staff alerting them of the promotion
  • On our website. If the call to action is done correctly, it will not affect your current members. All members are technically paying the same rate, some just received a slight discount offer their first month.

Calls to action go against the traditional sales. However, they absolutely work and are a great way to increase sales during slow months, push specific products and services, and generate both quick and long-term cash flow.


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