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Why You Should Compete in the Open

Compete in the Open: Do it Now

Here's how it works. Five workouts in five weeks are offered as a challenge to every athlete around the world. They are announced weekly and you, your box, or your team has the opportunity to register and post your scores to be counted. Every Open workout will be validated either in person by a coach at your box, or online through video evidence. From these competitions, the fittest 48 athletes and 30 fittest teams from each region will be invited to attend one of 17 Regional events. In the Masters division, the fittest 20 athletes from each age group nationwide will be invited straightaway to attend the Games. From all 17 Regionals, 48 men, 48 women and 30 teams will be invited to compete at the Games. 

Last year almost 140,000 athletes competed in the Open. The odds of making it to the Games are intense and truthfully, unless you are a ranked athlete, you probably won't get there. (But you never know! There are wild cards everywhere!) However, that is no reason not to compete in the world's only truly "open" competition. This is why:

1. You might just surprise yourself. There are things that every athlete does well and things that they absolutely suck at. And there are moves that many boxes don't often train. The Open is a great way to improve your skills and challenge yourself to go places that you don't often go. Being accountable to your performance is another way to improve yourself, take something a bit more seriously and tackle that skill that maybe you avoid. That extra pressure, that extra accountability, that extra bit of competition could be all you need to PR, Rx, or master something new.

2. Competetion is good for you. Most of us gave up this kind of competing when we got out of grade school. Seriously, when was the last time you shouted at your best friend, "Bet I beat you to the _____?" and then took off running? Sure, we compete in our jobs, or in the "real world", but this type of competition is loaded. It is stacked with more emotional heaviness than a simple footrace or arm wrestling race. Simple, physical competition is fun. If you lose, you lose, but more often than not, you come out laughing. Healthy competition is good for the soul, especially something as open and inviting as the Open.

3. You get to stand with the best of the best and try. 99% of the athletes out there are regular Janes and Joes. We know we aren't going to be standing next to Talanya on the podium. We know that we won't be swinging bells next to her as the clock races. But for the Open, for five weeks, we will. Everybody is good enough to compete at the Open. And even if your time sucks and you are the dead last on the list, you were still in the same competition. You got to stand with the best and do the exact same workout. There is just something to be said for that.

4. You become part of the Community. One of the greatest things about the sport is the community. You make friends, you form teams, you become part of something bigger than you. Its awesome. The Open is a true example of how wonderful this community is in that hundreds of thousands of athletes--of all skill levels and ages--join together across continents to enjoy and support one another. It becomes more than a personal competition, it becomes a community of people doing what they love and sharing it with each other. You can't buy that kind of support.

Compete. Compete in the Open for no reason other than you can. Let go of whatever excuses hold you back because you are good enough, strong enough, fast enough. Registration is open!




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