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5 Rig Movements

Nothing screams WOD like hanging off a rig at an odd angle and using inhumane strength to pull yourself up and down. Using a free standing rig or a wall mounted rig, there are hundreds of exercises you can do without actually having any other equipment - but which ones are the best?

The Top 5 Ball Breaking, Tear Inducing, Rig Exercises

Rope Climbs

Climbing a thick rope will make you feel like Arnie in the closing scene of Escape Plan, but there is more to it than just being a cool exercise to do. Rope climbs are often in military fitness tests, because it is a skill that is actually needed. Sure, the average citizen won’t need to climb a rope very often, but the strength, stamina and explosiveness that you gain from this workout is unparalleled elsewhere.

Rope climbs are great for building a crushing grip, powerful forearms and endurance to die for. Once you can climb a 20 ft rope, try doing it without using your legs.

Pull Ups

It is a no brainer that pull ups are an incredible exercise. Ghetto workouts are often based around just pull ups, and the results of some groups like the Bar Starz are nothing short of mind blowing. Pull ups force your lats, back, traps, arms and shoulders to grow, and even changing your pull ups slightly can create a whole new challenge for you.

Chin ups, wide grips, close grips, unevens, towel chins and 1 arm chins are all different variations of the same old pull up that you can use to kick body fat and build pure, lean muscle.

Ring Dips

Raising and lowering your entire body weight by just holding onto a couple of rings is incredibly hard work. Think normal dips are getting easy? Get a set of rings and see how you handle  ring dips. Strong shoulders and lateral chain result from ring dip sessions, and you will unleash a whole new type of power. Being able to hold your body on an unstable platform like rings creates strength and power that normal weight lifting can’t do.

Muscle Ups

No matter what your opinion is of muscle ups, they are the king of upper body exercises. They incorporate pulling and pushing, which is not achieved through normal upper body exercises that use weights. Muscle ups do require a good amount of strength, but they are something that can be worked towards. Getting really good at dips and pull ups will help you to prepare.

Muscle ups build super human strength, explosivity and agility, and the fact that you have to be super strong to do a single one is testament to just how effective it is.

Monkey Bars

If only you spent more time on the monkey bars all the way through until college, you would have been a chiseled, fear instilling beast by now. The workouts you can do on monkey bars are endless, but just swinging between the monkey bars as they are designed for children to do is a difficult workout. It demands a huge amount of strength in your upper body and the swinging motion demands that your whole weight is suspended by 1 arm momentarily. This all equals a seriously powerful workout, and bars are normally available as an add on for any rig.

If you just pick one or two of these exercises and focus on it for the next few months, you will be speechless when you catch yourself in the mirror after a shower.

These types of movements are difficult to do with extra body fat, so when you put yourself through them your body will do everything it possibly can to get rid of any excess. For optimal fat loss while building a strong, lean physique - incorporate some high intensity movements with slower movements.

A good example I use is good old fashioned pull ups.

Going full speed with pull ups is great for explosiveness and heart rate training, but performing them super slow (5 seconds up, 5 seconds down), forces your muscles to grow and your strength to develop.



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