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Garage Gym Essentials

If Rocky Balboa can get ripped and become a pro boxer from bashing bloody carcasses in a freezer, a garage full of the right equipment is more than enough to get in fighting fit shape.A garage gym normally conjures up images of a broke teenage guy living with his mom - a dusty floor, spiderwebs and a couple of cheap plastic dumbbells with splits in them.However a properly equipped home gym can be far more effective than lining up for the squat rack at your gym. You choose the music, the customers, the posters, the equipment and the entry fee.If you have been deliberating over what sort of equipment you need - this is where the buck stops. This setup is a high performance, hardcore, no nonsense slaughterhouse for body fat and a fertile ground for growing lean muscle.

Power Rack 

If you are serious about working out and building strength, a power rack is an essential. The big three, squatting, partial deadlifts (rack pulls) and bench pressing can all be done with a power cage. One power rack gives you access to thousands of workouts, which you can perform safely without worrying about getting crushed under heavy weights. A power rack can also be used for pull ups, ring dips, muscle ups, monkey bars and a ton of other gruelling workouts.There is no way you can look past getting a power rack if you are dedicated to building an incredible body.


Bars and Plates

The best power rack in the world ain’t worth squat if it’s got no weights loaded up on the side. A good barbell and a selection of rubber or metal plates is necessary to build your strength and physique. There is a lot of deliberation between metal and rubber plates, and you could wander back and forth between the decision for months. Rubber plates are quieter and won’t damage your floors too much - that’s it. if you live in an apartment, buy rubber. If you live in a house or you love the clanging of iron plates (who doesn’t!), then buy metal as they are cheaper. Compared to the alternative exercise machines, barbells exercises are king. They are the cheapest option (and strangely enough, the most effective), you can literally work every single muscle in your body with them and you can progress incrementally.

As a side note, grab a couple of quality dumbbell bars so that you can load them up with some of the smaller weights you buy for your barbell. You are going to buy something except 45lb plates right? Once you reach your 1RM you will need those tiny little 1 lb plates!

Pull Up Rig 

Some power cages have ‘em, some don’t. If you aren’t doing pull ups on a regular basis, you are leaving a ton of results behind you. Your shoulders, arms, lats, traps and entire upper back get blasted by them. Investing in a power rack with a pull up bar is the best option, but if you don’t have one, a high quality pull up bar is in expensive, and you will get insane results from it. Explosive strength, crushing grip and a guarantee you will always win at tug of war are a few reasons why you need a pullup bar ASAP.

Medicine Ball

Nothing gets the heart pumping faster than slam dunking a 20lb medicine ball through an imaginary hoop 100 times. Medicine balls build explosiveness, speed and agility and enable you to make normal exercises 10x harder such as sit ups and press ups, have you tried doing medicine ball burpees?

Other Essentials:

Workout clothes - when you look like an athlete, you will perform more like one

A Freakin’ Loud Stereo - birds chirping are relaxing, and you don’t want to relax. You want intensity.

Posters - look at any gym that’s worth it’s weight - there are posters of the greatest athletes and strongmen everywhere to keep you focused on your goal.

Although there are a ton of other fitness machines, equipment and gizmos out there, the basics will get you the best results. A power cage, medicine ball, some plates and a barbell and a pull up system can get you into unbelieveable shape. The question is, are you going to start your own home gym or keep toking the mediocrity peace pipe?


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