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Although most coaches come up with their own specific programming for their box, there are a range of exercises that are pretty much standard everywhere. However, what is missing? Is the current programming missing anything or is it perfect? It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty close to it for GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Training a whole range of movements for time or reps, with weights and bodyweight exercises, medicine balls, rope work, rings and climbing apparatus sounds like a full plate. In fact, some people will probably disagree with this, but there are a few things that your workout would benefit from in my humble opinion.


The pure athleticism that comes from boxing is magic. Sure, a boxer performs lots of exercises that are in the programming, but the actual boxing bag rounds are something that build stubborn stamina, power and give a huge release of mental burdens. Incorporating boxing bag rounds or using some martial arts equipment such as pads into a workout is easy and incorporates some very useful self defense skills.

Granted, you wouldn’t expect to become a stealth assassin or black belt at anything whatsoever, but a lot of people have never learned how to throw a proper punch or beat the crap out of something. Also, a lot of people are new to hard exercise in general, and boxing is a great way to actually enjoy it and feel good at the same time. Some sort of self defense skills would be a great addition to HIIT, however this would mean more specialized training for coaches who already specialize in a wide range of workouts and equipment.

Rehab Work

If you half ass anything at your local affiliate, you will get blown out of the water by your peers and coaches. However if you injure yourself, it is your fault. This is obviously a tricky line to follow from a coach’s point of view. For this reason, you should learn a few rehab style workouts for common injury areas such as the rotator cuff and knees.   Get some resistance bands to help you perform some of the common exercises

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Deadlifts are without a doubt hugely effective for building a strong back, however if there is an imbalance of power in your back muscles (there will be), then you will injure yourself at some stage.The single arm dumbbell row is a great exercise to build up each side of your back to the same level, ensuring that you don’t blow out one side of your back from trying to lift too much. Start with a weight that you can easily do 10 reps of, without breaking too much of a sweat, and keep it the same for both sides, even if one side is capable of lifting more. The whole point of this is to bring up a weak muscle to equal strength as the other. Remember that this isn’t a quick fix either, a few months of dedication is required here but it will be a huge benefit to you.

Single Arm OH Press

This is similar to the above exercise in the fact that if you have a strong shoulder and a slightly weaker shoulder (you will), then eventually you will suffer injury. Perform your over head presses in the same manner you would with the bent over dumbbell rows (light weights that are easy to start with and slowly working up).

It is easy to see why HIIT has taken the world by storm - it encompasses so many different types of exercises from Olympic lifts to bodyweight exercises, rope climbs to monkey bars. All of this variation is great, however if you have specific goals when joining up to HIIT, you may have to incorporate some of your own exercises. Martial artists or dancers will have their own stretches and SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) routines that they perform. If you play sports, you will have some parts of your body that you wish to train more than others, and your affiliate wouldn’t be the place to do this. You will increase your strength and stamina, but you will have to incorporate your own workouts if you want to focus on a specific body part or skill.


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