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Our Manufacturing Process for Steel Products

Maxwod prides itself on offering products with innovative designs, attention to detail and a strict quality control process to ensure that every product is just perfect. Perfection is pursued in the design of the product, the manufacturing process, and the packaging and shipping of the equipment. All of our Maxwod products are made right here in the US by US workers. Our goal at Maxwod is to provide you with the highest quality product that will last you a lifetime.

Design Process- Before a product is manufactured it is designed by our team of engineers who use the same software program that Boeing uses to design commercial aircraft. In addition to 3-D renderings, the software gives us the ability to test the equipment for potential design flaws with the welds, uprights, pull-up bars and bolts. The software can apply weight, force or movement to a specific part of the equipment to see if it can handle the load or force. Once the design process is complete, a proto-type is manufactured and further changes to the design are made.

Manufacturing Process- Maxwod uses the highest quality and most durable materials to manufacture our equipment. Below is an overview of our manufacturing process.

Cutting of the Steel- The manufacturing process begins with a fiber laser cutting machine, with state of the art technology. These massive machines are extremely precise and achieve a high level of accuracy. Once the cutting process is complete, the steel undergoes a quality control check by two workers to ensure all cuts and holes are accurate.

Welding- All of our welding is done in the US by US Workers. US welds are considerably stronger than welds by overseas manufacturers. Our factory is in the process of being accredited by ISO International Standards. Manufacturers certified by the ISO must display that their products are safe, reliable and of good quality, and that the manufacturing process contributes to preserving the environment and health of the citizens & workers. Once the welds are complete, every weld is inspected and signed off on by our floor supervisor.

Shot Blasting- Following welding, all steel is shoot blasted to remove any substrates from the metal before the powder coating process. Shot Blasting is a process where metal abrasive, similar to little metal pellets, are rapidly blasted at high velocity toward the steel. The metal abrasive strikes the surface and rebounds removing any/all contaminants from the steel caused by the laser cutting or welding process. The shot blasting process leaves the surface ready for powder coating and produces the highest bonding character between the power coat and the steel. This process will prevent rusting or chipping (powder coating) of your pull-up rig or rack. Most other manufacturers do not include shot blasting in their manufacturing process, and overtime their products begin to chip along the corners of the uprights, rust along the laser cut holes and floor plates, as well as bubbling of the powder coating along the weld lines. The benefit to this process is that your rig will always look new.

Powder Coating- This is a three step process which includes: Automated washing and pretreatment of the steel, application of the powder coating by hand and drying of the steel in large ovens.

Washing and Pre-Treatment- Before the steel is powder coated, it undergoes a final process of washing, along with the application of an iron phosphate coating.

Benefits of the washing and coating process are:

  • Powder Coating will have good adhesive and cohesive strength to the steel
  • Finish will look more consistent
  • Iron phosphate coating provides a weather resistant protection against deterioration such as rust, chemicals and corrosive agents. Steel and Powder Coating are two reactive materials, so the thin film separating them provides a corrosion free product.

Powder Coating- All of our products are powder coated by hand using high quality Dupont paint. After the steel is placed in the drying ovens, once again it undergoes a quality control check by the floor supervisor.

Assembly & Packaging- Products are assembled and tested to ensure that they meet our standards of a high quality product. We have put careful consideration into the packaging of our equipment so that when you receive your pull up rig, power rack, sled or storage rack, it will not be scratched or damaged.


Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.

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