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Buyer's Guide on Kettlebell Racks

A serious kettlebell user will have a range of different weights. Whether you own a commercial gym, affiliate gym or an equipped home gym, having a kettlebell rack is more than just storage space for your kettlebells.

A quality kettlebell rack is a trophy case for your kettlebells, a protector of your equipment and assists you in finding the right weight, the first time. When you invest money into your equipment, you want to make sure it is stored safely, well organized, securely and of course, that it looks good.

Kettlebells are an awkward thing to store if you don’t have a special rack, and most gyms now have at least two racksto keep their kettlebells organised. With the surge in popularity that kettlebells have received, if you don’t stock kettlebells in your affiliate or traditional gym, you will lose customers.

There are a few things you should have a good think about before you just dive in and purchase one. These are the main things you need to consider.


A kettlebell rack is going to be under a lot of tension 99% of the time. You want to choose something that is made from a commercial grade steel. You also want to ensure that you are buying a quality brand. Many brands out there are made from inferior steel and they use cheap brackets and light welds to hold the rack together. Brands such as York and Ader are proven, high quality racks that will withstand all the weight you can stack on them.

Depth of Trays

If you have quite a selection of kettlebells, you will want to fit as many on one rack as possible. Deeper trays (11” or over) allow you to store two kettlebells side by side, effectively doubling your storage area on your kettlebell rack. This type of storage would not be needed for most home gyms, but for a serious affiliate or traditional gym, it would make perfect sense.

Height, Weight and Size

Most kettlebell stands will be between 40” - 56” long, up to 33” high (for a 3 tier rack), and around 25” wide. Depending on the your area and amount of kettlebells, there are often 3 sizes available. 40”, 48” and 56” are the most common sizes, and apart from kettlebell manufacturers, there are not many other organizations who would need more storage than one of these sizes.


When it comes to choosing commercial grade equipment, the brand does matter. It isn’t like buying a bottle of milk. If you buy the wrong brand of kettlebell rack, things can go wrong. We have seen some stands that look like they have been welded together by a blindfolded 5 year old (and they possibly were). When you choose a kettlebell storage system, make sure you that you go with a trusted and proven name. They always offer guarantees, partly because they know that problems very rarely happen and because they have a strong reputation to uphold.

Kettlebell Protection

Sure, most gym gear gets a jolly good battering, but that doesn’t mean you want it ruined. If your gym has a concrete floor, your equipment will get damaged if it is just left lying on the floor. Some of the better kettlebell racks come with rubber padding on the trays to keep your kettlebells protected. Just because they get thrashed when they get used, doesn’t mean they have to end up scratched and mistreated. If you are investing money into your gym gear, you want it to last for a long time and also look good.

Buying a kettlebell rack isn’t rocket science, but there are some real pieces of junk out there. Don’t be fooled into the false economy of buying something dirt cheap, and then watch in horror as it collapses one day. Buying a good solid brand always pays dividends and keeps your gear fresh and clean.


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