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Buyers Guide for Kettlebells

As the new fashionable workout gear, kettlebells come in all shapes and sizes. They even come in a variety of colors and may or may not have a soft rubber coating. But when choosing a kettlebell of your own, it is important to know the facts so that you choose one that looks good, suits your style and survives your workouts.

Good quality kettlebells are manufactured either in the United States, or by American companies overseas. This ensures that they meet strict quality controls. A badly cast kettlebell is an unsafe kettlebell.

High quality kettlebells are cast in one piece and do not require any melding. The seams are sanded so that they do not cut or scrape the athlete. They will then have a coating that prevents the metal from chipping when the kettlebell lands on the ground. Aside from these basic requirements, kettlebells come in many different shapes and designs. Training kettlebells are shaped differently than competition kettlebells. And smaller, home-gym kettlebells will have different styling than training kettlebells. This is to ensure that the kettlebell meets the needs of the athlete swinging it.

One thing to seriously consider is the shape of the handle. This greatly affects the athlete's experience and different handles are preferred by athletes for different reasons. Any kettlebell should have a comfortable grip that allows room for both hands to fit easily, so when looking for a kettlebell of your own, be sure you are choosing one that fits your grip.

The base of the kettlebell is also very important. A well designed kettlebell should have a flat base that prevents rolling. The handle should be ready and waiting for you when you bend down to get it, so that you can get right back into the swing. This is a problem often seen in lower-weight kettlebells, so look for a good base if you are purchasing a light-weight kettlebell.


The Ader kettlebell is one of the most respected kettlebells on the market. It is used at the Games and is extremely durable and reliable. Ader kettlebells are single-piece cast and then covered in a hard, hammertone epoxy. This prevents chipping when the kettlebell is repeatedly dropped during WODs. It has a good round shape with a nice flat base and a smooth, wide, comfortable grip. This is an extremely balanced kettlebell that the favorite of affiliate gyms and competitions worldwide.



Punch kettlebells are another beloved kettlebell. Manufactured in Rhode Island, they feature a slightly wider handle than the Ader styling which gives the athlete plenty of room to comfortably grip during multiple swings. Made of quality iron, the Punch kettlebell also features a proprietary powder coating that eliminates the need for chalk. These kettlebells are made to order by hand.




Muscle Driver USA kettlebells are another well-known brand. They have a unique styling that marks them by sight. With a handle that is often wider than the ball, these kettlebells may have the most versatile grip. Their extra flat base makes them ideal for kettlebell pushups or renegade rows and creates great stability. Most of the Muscle Drivers have a brightly colored, vinyl coating for extra durability and visibility. However, the styling of these kettlebells is not ideal for affiliate gyms or boxes; they are much better as home gym kettlebells.


When choosing a kettlebell, it is extremely important to know where and how and by whom it is going to be used. If you are choosing one for yourself, make sure that the grip and the base is appropriate for your hands and swing. If you are buying sets for the gym, go for a more durable set of bells that are resistant to chipping and dropping. These three quality brands are a great place to start.


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