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Buyers Guide: Gloves

Sure a battle scar here and there is a good story, but having blistered, scabby and ugly hands is a surefire way to gross people out.

Your partner won’t want those hands near them and after a hard day at work you will be wishing you had worn gloves for that intense session last night. Whether you work as a teacher, a typist or a carpenter, if you have sore hands, your days are going to be painful.

Pull ups and heavy lifting creates immeasurable stress on your hands, and gloves are the only way to completely avoid any hand problems. If you use any sort of gear, pull up gloves will save your skin from that leprosy look.

“But there are so many brands on the market - isn’t a glove a glove?”

Sort of - but it depends if you want something that lasts a long time, gives you real protection and can actually help you do more pull ups and lift more. To be honest, most of the gloves in our buyers guide couldn’t stand up to much more than a casual stroll in the park.

An Overview Of The Top Gear - Pull Up Gloves

Anti Ripper Gloves

These gloves have a different design to most pull up gloves. They only cover a small part of the hand, leaving your palm and fingers exposed. This is good if you want to break into locks or play guitar with them on, but your whole hands need protection and these don’t offer that. Even though they are made from a quality leather, we found that they were a bit too slippery to do any kettlebell snatches or other workouts which involve heavy objects reaching near terminal velocity.

Reebok Fitness Gloves

These gloves would be great if you just wanted to, you know, go for a brisk walk with some cute pink 1 lb dumbbells in each hand. These gloves didn’t stand up to any intense fitness such as pull ups and heavy lifting, and tore easily. They are also a bit difficult to get on and off as they don’t have straps, which weakens the material as you need to pull them off. Not a highly impressive set of pull up gloves - for style pull up sessions anyway.

Harbinger Flexfit Gloves

Harbinger make a lot of different gloves, so we thought we would see what their more expensive ones are like - no point trying the cheap nasty ones. The Flexfit are not a bad glove on first inspection. However after a bit of use, like most of the gloves we have been through, they start to come undone within a few weeks of heavy use. It seems like most glove manufacturers are not catering to the market of people who actually workout hard. Sure, some of these gloves are fine when you are working out with light weights, but the paradox is, when you are only using light weights, you don’t really need gloves.

Bionic Full Finger Gloves

The Bionic gloves are the first full finger gloves in our selection, and they seemed to be well padded. They actually offer good protection, however like the other gloves, they seem to fall apart at the first sign of hard work. Between the thumb and the forefinger is where the stitching is the weakest, and also where it is needed the most.

New Grip Gloves

New Grip have made a type of glove that won’t break or rip. Guaranteed. They guarantee their product and guarantee that you won’t get blisters. The gloves are easy to get on and off and don’t make your hands stink like some leather gloves do. They also cushion the palm and fingers very nicely, which is something that other gloves just don’t seem to be able to do.

The gloves are adjustable so there is no more worrying about buying the wrong size - which can cause more blisters than having no gloves! The open back on the also means you don’t get hot, sweaty hands and you can use all your fingers together without them being isolated like in normal gloves. Also the neoprene that these gloves are made from doesn’t absorb moisture like leather does, so they don’t shrink or decay. New Grip gloves can actually help you do more pull ups. As strange as it sounds, it is actually true. When the pain is taken away and you have more grip on the bar, you can actually do more work. Of course these gloves don’t make you stronger - but they will help you to get a better workout.

With a doubt this is one of our favorite pieces of gear. Pull up gloves are an important tool to help you get more out of your workouts due to less slippage, a tighter grip, more cushioning and less hand pain. A workout doesn’t have to make your hands bleed and callus to be effective - it has to work your muscles. Don’t believe the “No Pain, No Gain” mantra applies to actually hurting yourself.

If you consider pull ups and heavy lifting to be an important part of your workout - New Grip gloves are a surefire way to help you lift more and eradicate the hand pain that normally comes along with hard workouts.


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