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MaxWOD's SMART goals for 2015

 Happy 2015 from all of us at MaxWOD! We can't believe January 2015 is almost gone! We are excited to kick off the New Year with some exciting goals to expand MaxWOD to make your experience with us even better. We, here at MaxWOD, have been brainstorming about what we can do to bring MaxWOD to the next level. As some may already know, MaxWOD has undergone some transformations behind the scenes within the last few months. Some of the things you should expect to see in the near future are more blogs, flash deals, preset custom packages, international shipments, and we will be introducing more new equipment to increase your options. We are also working on a network of reputable commercial real estate agents all over the US to help with the research of the perfect location for future gym/affiliate owners.


Speaking of new equipment, MaxWOD has recently partnered with Madfitter ®  in supplying their Boom Bell Kettlebells. We here at MaxWOD value the sacrifices our troops and vets have made to protect our country which leads us to the Boom Bell kettlebells. Madfitter ®  is an active duty owned company and a portion of all proceeds goes to supporting military charities. We decided to partner with Madfitter ® , not only because of the great cause but, because of the quality of their kettlebells.  Logan Barton is the CEO of Madfitter® and is currently stationed in Guam. 


We were able to interview him despite his busy schedule:

MaxWOD:  So Logan, tell us a little about yourself.
Logan B. :  I am originally from Colorado Springs and later moved to Ohio as a teenager. Joining the US Navy led me to San Diego where I met my wife Bria. We’ve been married for 10 years and have three wonderful children together, Sawyer (5), Holden (3)  and Kimberlyn (1).  I have been LUCKY enough to be Active Duty Navy for the last 10.5 years with great duty stations like San Diego, CA  where I was on the USS Germantown, Little Creek, VA part of EOD Mobile Unit 2,  Rota, Spain Harbor/ Base Security and now stationed in Guam Harbor/ Base Security.  So being full time Active Duty and have a full time family of 4 hasn’t  made running a company like MadFitter easy!

MaxWOD:   That’s great! So what is Madfitter?
Logan B. :   MadFitter® is not only a company, it is also a community.  I started it by wanting to bring awareness to military athletes (fitness athletes). With my main goal to figure out a way to help fund service members to obtain fitness qualification or certifications.  I just wanted there to be more people able to teach or train others safely.  To tell you the truth I was tired of seeing people in the base gym doing incorrect movement and walking around the gym really not knowing what they are doing.  We  also make a few fitness products, for example, Hero Wraps (wrist support wraps) made from donated military uniforms past or present, and of course, the Boom Bell Kettlebells. MadFitter® teams up with Non-Profits because its the right thing to do!

I also wanted to be connected with great charities that serve both the Military members, families  and fitness communities.  That is why I'm proud to say we give a portion of profits back these organizations EOD Warrior Foundation, The 31Heroes Project, and LinderKids.  These guys make difference in our communities and deserve the support!

MaxWOD:  We are very excited to add your line of BoomBells to our collections. Tell us, what makes your boom bell kettlebells different from the other guys?
Logan B. :  Our BoomBell (a kettle bell shaped as a grenade) took me a year to make. The BoomBell is one solid piece of cast iron shaped as a grenade,  before being powder coated. Our handle is ground down so there is a smooth finish allowing for the most comfortable transition between movements and grip.   Our Handle is unique and like no other handle on the market.  With its wider handle that allows both hands to be able to fit inside of the bell and slightly larger in dimension helps with building grip strength it truly gives the user a new feel for an old exercise.  Also  being able to use the sides of the bell for grip training and farmer carries adds even more exercises that you can do with our bell and no other.  With only a 6 months on the market, the BoomBell has made over 50 gyms. We’ve had a great track record, over 400 plus sold and no returns. Our reviews have been very positive and all of our customers have been very supportive of our cause.  I'm currently working on more sizes to give customers more options.  

MaxWOD:  Here at MaxWOD we support our troops and we are honored that you chose to partner with us.  What made you choose MaxWOD?
Logan B. :  I visualize MadFitter's products being part of other great and upcoming companies inventory to give their customers the option of the BoomBell.  After researching MaxWOD I thought they had a great look and I really like the “Built Tough” seal of  approval, meaning  they only want to promote great products and with their customer base growing I thought it would be a good opportunity to team up. Then I had the pleasure to talk to Andrew.  A super motivated guy that also wants to give back to the military and fitness communities.  After finding out what past jobs were in explosives and with a keen business mind  he was already  thinking of ways to help grow MadFitter like MadFitter was his company! That’s why we are MaxWOD partners!  

MaxWOD:  That’s so kind of you Logan. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us all the way from Guam. Just a few more questions, what is your favorite WOD?  What is your Fran time? And lastly what are your goals for 2015?
Logan B. :  Not to sound cliche but Fran is one of my favorites and I hate her!  But that type of workout is right in my wheel-house, short fast and ugly! My PR is 2:40 and I only do her 1 or 2 times a year! I enjoy partner WODs mostly. My favorite is the 31Heroes WOD, its tough and you and your partner go through hell on this one. But since it’s a Hero WOD it helps focus you and channel how much it hurts. I hate thrusters but for some reason this is my favorite!

2015 is going to be an amazing year! I'm really excited to have my official charities this year EOD WF, 31Heroes Project and LinderKids and we are planning a couple of great fundraisers with them.  This year I have picked a few great events to sponsor OC Throwdown this weekend, Thoroughbred ThrowDown in Florida, the South West regional and hoping we can make the SicFit: Sickest in the Pacific.  Partnering up with MaxWod and working together to put BoomBells in has many houses, gyms and Military bases as possible!  I'm looking forward to releasing a couple of new products this year.  Hint for one of them:  it's a new style Kettle Bell that we are going to release in two sizes 44lbs and 62lbs. It’s not the BoomBell but something very cool! But mostly excited for all the new opportunities that 2015 will bring, meeting new people and continue to move forward. I'm thankful for all the support this last year and could not have done it with out all the help from family and friends! Thanks MaxWOD you guys ROCK!  



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