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Medicine & Slam Balls from Maxwod

Medicine Balls are one of the most effective pieces of equipment for strength and conditioning training, and Maxwod has a selection that can't be matched anywhere else. Check out the best in med balls from Dynamax, and durable slam balls from D-Ball and The Slam Ball, to find what you need. Whether it's for a collegiate weight room, affiliate gym, or garage gym, Maxwod has the right medicine ball for you. Store your medicine balls and display them efficiently with one of Maxwod's custom storage systems.


What Medicine Balls should I Buy? Dynamax Medicine Balls are the top choice for most commercial gyms, and the only med ball used at the Competitions. Dynamax is known for being extremely durable, well designed and having an awesome grip. They have a proprietary fill that never goes flat. We use Dynamax balls at our own gyms and after testing them for 3+ years with extensive abuse, they have proven to be Maxwod Built Tough. Dynamax medicine balls are Made in the USA in their Texas, manufacturing facility! Maxwod carries Dynamax medicine balls from 6 lbs to 30 lbs, in a variety of different color combinations. Another reason to buy Dynamax Medicine Balls, FREE SHIPPING!


Why D-Balls? If you are looking for the perfect combination between a medicine ball and a slam ball, look no further. Dennis Montoya of D-Ball has created what he calls a "medicine ball," but also functions as a slam ball. The D-Ball is the original slam ball, which is commonly used in commercial and home gyms across the USA.  Dennis has created a proprietary breathable valve that ensures constant air pressure equalization inside and outside the ball. This prevents the DBall from bursting and helps the ball to maintain its shape. D-Balls are non-bounce providing a full body plyometric workout by having to pick up the ball every time it is slammed. These exercises target your abs, core, arms, legs & back.


Medicine & Slam Ball Exercises: There are a number of Medicine Ball Exercises that are commonly by athletes. The most common Med Ball exercise is the wall ball. This is where you stand fit width apart, the Medicine Ball Ranging from 10-30 lbs is thrown up at a target, usually 10 ft in height, and the athlete will catch the ball into a squat. Other Common Exercises using the Medicine Ball are Cleans. The two most common Slam Ball Exercises are: 1) Ball is placed over head and thrown at the ground, the non-bounce ball will require the athlete to squat down and pick up the ball. 2) Heavier Slam Balls of 100+ lbs are carried over the shoulder for distance. 


Take a look around at our amazing selection, or contact us for non-advertised specials to suit your medicine ball needs and budget. We don't recommend slamming Dynamax Medicine Balls, so purchase our Slam Balls by D-Balls, Muscle Driver or Ader Fitness!

Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.

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