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Bars for Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting 

MaxWod is proud to offer only the highest quality olympic bars from manufacturers such as Eleiko, Pendlay, York Barbell, Troy Barbell, Sorinex & Cap Barbell. Qualities range from our standard WOD bar to Needle Bearing Competition Bars. Weights range from 15lbs for our Aluminum Techinque Bars, 25lbs for our Junior Bars, 33lbs for our Women's Bars and 44lbs for our Men's Bars. Shafts range from 25mm to 32mm, some with and without center knurling. Many of our Olympic Bars have a 1000lb or 1500lb Test or 215,000 PSI ratings. Olympic Bars come in Hard Chrome, Bright Zinc, Black Zinc & Black Oxide. In addition, we carry Texas Power Bars which are specific powerlifting bars.


What is the difference between Olympic Bars?

There are a number of difference between a bad, good and great olympic bar. The type of bar you purchase should depend on the intended exercise, movement and weight. If you are just doing light weight bench press or squats, pretty much any bar will do. If you are doing Olympic Lifting movements such as dead lifts, cleans & jerk, the spin of a high end olympic weightlifting bar will take the pressure off the shaft and make your movements much easier. The whip of the bar can vary based upon the quality of the bearings. Most athletes prefer bars with no center knurling for the clean & jerk movements. If you were to compare two bars side by side, simply rotating the collars will give you a good indication about the quality of the olympic bar. A quality bar will have a quiet and smooth rotation of the collars. Most high end weightlifting bars will have knurling all the way to the sleeves. After dropping an olympic bar from chest height with significant weight, static load and dynamic testing will show that high quality bars will retain their shape and will not bend. 


Why buy a quality Olympic Lifting Bar?

Dropping anything from Chest Height could cause damage. Repeatedly dropping poor quality olympic bars during workouts will definitely cause damage.  High end olympic weightlifting bars will last you 2 to 3 times as long as poor quality bars, although you may think you are saving money today, consider it a short term gain, long term loss.

Check out our selection of Eleiko Sport, Pendlay, York Barbell, Troy Barbell, Cap Barbell and Sorinex Olympic Bars. In addition, MaxWod offers storage for all of your Olympic Bar needs.






Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.

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