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Conditioning Ropes are an awesome tool for both strength and endurance, with the benefits of fat burning, muscle building and cardiovascular conditioning. Conditioning ropes were used by top athletes and professional fighters, however, they are now commonly used in traditional gyms, performance centers, college weight rooms and physical therapy facilities. MaxWod offers conditioning ropes by Art of Strength and Muscle Driver USA. Fitness ropes range from 10 feet to 100 feet in length with a diameter of 1.5” to 2.0”. Most gyms prefer a 1.5” diameter rope because a 2.0” diameter tends to become heavy for most athletes. Art of Strength offer a non-fray rope with a customizable Bull Dog jacket cover. Training Ropes can be used both indoor or outdoor, simply attach it to your Pull-Up Rig, a kettlebell or a tree and you are good to go.


The most common workout with a fitness ropes is the wave, where the athlete moves his/her arms and body explosively to create waves that travel down the rope to the point of anchor. The wave exercise will workout almost every muscle in your upper body. You can also change the technique of the workout by including squats, lunges, or lateral movements which will engage your lower body. Use power ropes in your workouts and you will benefit from muscle building, cardio endurance and fat burning.


Climbing Ropes offered by Maxwod are all made here in the USA. MaxWod climbing ropes are manufactured from the highest quality grade “A” manila rope with a 1.5” diameter and up to 30 feet in length. Longer ropes can be custom ordered. There are a number of benefits to climbing rope: body strength, core strength, endurance, cardio and coordination. This functional fitness exercise helps athletes gain strength and endurance, with one simple piece of equipment. With easy installation on a rafter, pull up rig, beam or a branch, this excellent training method should be incorporated into everyone's workout routine.


MaxWod offers three different types of climbing ropes. Knotted Ropes have big knots throughout the rope which is great for athletes new to rope climbing. The knotted ropes have a metal anchor clamp at the top and whipped poly boot at the bottom of the rope. Rope Eye have a braided rope eye fitting for easy installation. Metal Clamp is similar to the rope eye expect it affixes using a metal anchor clamp.


Ab-Mats, also known as abdominal trainers, are commonly used in gyms around the world and. Ab-Mats have redefined the way sit-ups/crunches are done by doubling the results achieved in a single crunch. With an Ab Mat the abdominal muscles are fully stretched and ready for full contraction, allowing for a full range of motion. This can not be achieved by lying flat on the floor. MaxWod offers the “Original AbMat” made here in the USA by Body Core. Ab Mats made overseas are far inferior in the quality, materials & construction compared to Body Core AbMats.


Conditioning Sleds are an excellent way to develop strength, while increasing your endurance. Sleds have become popular amongst most professional athletes and have been incorporated into conditioning programs by all NFL teams. The benefits of Pulling, Pushing or Dragging a sled are: Increase in strength, endurance, stabilization, balance, speed, muscle mass as well as weight loss. Sprinters will use weight sleds to develop speed, while football players use them to improve their tackling and blocking power. This full body exercise is great for any athlete as the resistance of the sled can easily change by adding or removing weight. Sleds can be used both indoors and outdoors, on grass, cement, turf, track or rubber gym flooring. Sleds are an awesome conditioning exercise as it works your core, back, legs, shoulders, chest and arms (full body). MaxWod offers high quality push, pull, drag sleds, made here in the USA.









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