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MaxWOD: The Source for Kettlebells

MaxWOD proudly offers only the highest quality kettlebells available on the market. We offer Kettlebells from USA companies such as: MadFitter and their BoomBell, Ader Fitness (TX), York Barbell (PA), Troy (TX), Muscle Driver (SC) and Punch Kettlebells (RI). Although two Kettlebell's may appear to be very similar, slight and distinct differences can greatly affect an athletes experience. With the exception of Punch Kettlebells which are made here in the USA, the other USA based companies manufacture overseas but have strict supervision and quality control. All products made overseas must meet strict criteria to ensure that all Kettlebells are durable and made to their design specifications. Others import unbranded kettlebells directly from China, many of which do not meet our standards, therefore MaxWOD doesn't offer them.


What are the differences between Kettlebells? High Quality Kettlebells are cast in one piece and do not require any welding. The casting seams are lightly sanded before the finishing process. The Kettlebells are then coated to prevent chipping. The design and shape of the kettlebell including the handle greatly affects the athletes experience. A well designed kettlebell has a comfortable grip, allowing the athlete to do multiple repetitions with ease. Kettlebells are commonly dropped, purchasing a quality product will ensure that the kettlebell does not chip or crack. MaxWOD has tested Ader Kettebells in our gyms for 3+ years and they have proven to be MaxWOD built Tough.


Kettlebell exercises have been around since Ancient Greece, but have made a resurgence in the last decade. Commonly used in high intensity interval training, Kettlebells provide a full body workout from your legs, abs, back, shoulders to core. The most common kettlebell workouts are: kettlebell swings, goblet squats, farmers carry,  snatch, cleans and thrusters. Kettlebell exercises are great for both men & women, an awesome way to build muscle or lose weight. Kettlebells were developed in Russia by the Soviet Army in the 1700’s. Russian Kettlebells were used as part of their daily strength and conditioning programs, which eventually developed into kettle bell competitions throughout Russia and Europe. The most popular workouts are the Russian Kettlebell Swing and Twists. 



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Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.

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