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Strength Training Equipment from Maxwod

MaxWod offers a full line of strength training equipment from power racks, squat racks, benches, GHD's to strongman war hammers. Our strength equipment is manufactured by US based companies such as Sorinex, York Barbell, Pendlay, Ader Fitness and MaxWod. Since MaxWod equipment is Made here in Los Angeles we can customize any of our Rigs or Racks.


Power Racks & Power Cages- Whether you’re looking to outfit a home gym or a collegiate weight room, we offer different levels of power racks and cages. Some power racks are light weight using 2x2” or 2”x3” 11 Gauge Steel designed for home or garage gym use, while others are made of 3x3” 11 Gauge Steel which are commonly used for commercial gyms or college & high school weight rooms. The Power Racks and Power Cages are great for maximizing floor space as it allows the athlete to do multiple strength training exercises at one station. Included with most Power Racks and Power Cages are J-Hooks and Safety Bar Attachments. Olympic Lifting Platforms are available with or without your custom logo. MaxWod can customize all racks to your specifications, including height of posts, dimensions, cross members, storage, as well as custom colors for the Racks and Accessories.


Squat Racks- MaxWod offers a variety of different squat racks for free-weight workouts. Pendlay offers great lightweight squat racks that are made of 2x3” 11 Gauge Steel, which are sold either fully welded or with some assembly required. The lightweight squat racks are great for any home, garage or commercial gym use, however they are not intended for professional weight rooms. York and MaxWod offer heavy-duty squat racks, very similar to our Power Racks, which are made of 3”x3” 11 Gauge Steel. The York & MaxWod Squat Stands are manufactured to fit almost any flat or adjustable bench. The MaxWod Squat Racks can be customized to 7, 7.5 or 8ft in height, with or without a pull-up bars and in 30+ custom colors. Squat Racks give an athlete the ability to do multiple exercises such as pull-ups, bench press, back squats, front squats, military press and dead lifts, all at one station.


GHD's- Glute Ham Developer exercises are awesome because they work a number of muscles and create high levels of muscle tension. It works everything from the calves, knees, hips, glutes, hamstrings, core & legs. It also helps to alleviate back pain. GHD exercises help athletes decrease the risk of injury while improving a number of skill sets. Athletes will see amazing results if the GHD is include in workouts. MaxWod offers high quality Glute Ham Developers (GHD's) from York Barbell, Pendlay, Sorinex & MaxWod, which are either made in the USA or Canada. Our GHD's have a split pad that is adjustable both horizontally and vertically which is ideal to work a number of different muscle groups. We offer the highest quality and most durable GHD on the market.  The GHD is one piece of equipment every gym should own. 


Benches- MaxWod offers a full line of flat benches, incline/decline benches, 0-90 degrees benches, and multifunction benches by manufacturers such as York, Pendlay, Sorinex and Ader. Pendlay & York Barbell benches are all made here in the USA. York Barbell is made in Canada. Benches are great for a number of different exercises and workouts. All of our benches are durable enough for commercial gym use.


Accessories- We carry all the accessories you will need for you strength training exercises. Our accessories include: Muscle Clamp & Hi Temp collars, Olympic Lifting Weight Belts, Dip Belts, Chalk,Lifting Straps and Weight Lifting Gloves. In addition, we also offer attachments for Power Racks, Cage Racks  and Squat Racks such as: Safety Bar Attachments, Technique Bars, J-Hooks and Band Peg Attachments.


Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.

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Maxwod is a commercial-grade fitness equipment store. Shop affordable commercial grade fitness equipment designed for commercial gyms, affiliate gyms, garage gyms, and more. Maxwod carries a full range of rigs and racks, strength and conditioning equipment, and cardio fitness gear. Maxwod is not associated or affiliated with CrossFit® and/or CrossFit Inc. We make no claims to provide items directly from or endorsed by or approved by CrossFit® and/or their licensing companies. Maxwod is a collection of fitness equipment stores and an authorized re-seller of fitness equipment.



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